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Online Payment


Online payments may be made with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or eCheck.  You will be charged a convenience fee for making your payment online.  Typically, the use of an eCheck is $2.95 per transaction and the credit card payment is 3% of the payment plus $2.95.  The fees may vary and will be displayed upon entering the payment amount.   All payments are processed through Paylease.

Payments must be initiated no later than 3pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST), on the 5th of the month.  This is necessary so the payment can be processed through our system and initiated with your bank prior to the close of business on that day.  Our recommendation is to pay your rent on the first of each month and not during the grace period.  The disclaimer on the payment page will state payment must be made by 7pm EST.  However, for your payment to be accepted and processed on time, it must be accepted no later than 3pm PST (6pm EST).  In the event your due date or grace period is after 5pm on the 5th, you will not be able to pay through this system and must bring or mail your payment to our office as the system automatically shuts off after this time. 

Paylease is shut off on weekends and legal holidays.  In the event the 5th of the month falls on a weekend, the system will shut off the Friday prior at 3pm PST.  IMPACT Property Management provides this service as a convenience and is not liable in the event payment is not credited by the deadline.  As noted above, we recommend to make your payment no later than the 1st of the month to ensure that your payment is credited on time.

Late payments will not be accepted through the system and must be paid at the rental office using a cashier’s check or money order(s) only. Tenants whom are restricted to paying with secured funds only cannot  pay online and must submit secured funds to the office prior to the end of your grace period specified in your lease agreement.   If payment is not made per the above guidelines, your payment will be considered late and your account will be subject to any fees outlined in your lease agreement.  These fees may include, but not be limited to, late fees and posting/notice fees.

Any returned payment will be assessed a $25 NSF fee from PayLease, in addition to the NSF fee stated in your lease agreement, and will not be automatically processed a second time.  Any payment which is returned NSF must be paid in the rental office using a cashier’s check or money order(s) only.

We do not accept cash at our office.  If you would like to pay using cash, request a “member ID card” from the rental office and take the card, along with your cash payment, to a PayLease Cash Pay Location.  Find your nearest location here.

All payments received shall be credited FIRST to any outstanding utility charges, SECOND to any legal fees, THIRD to any outstanding repairs or maintenance invoices that are the tenant’s responsibility, FOURTH to any outstanding late charges and notice fees, FIFTH to any prior outstanding rent, and LAST to current rent charges, in that order.  Failure to pay all charges due may result in your rent being delinquent, after the allocation as previously outlined, and be subject to the terms and conditions in your lease agreement.  If you are unsure of your balance, contact the rental office for assistance.

Online payments are for RENT and rent related charges only.  Any payment intended to be towards a reservation fee or deposit will be applied towards rent related charges as noted above. 

We reserve the right, at any time, to restrict access to the system.  Access may be restricted due to returned payments, paying late rent through the system or for any other reason management deems necessary.

By continuing below and submitting a payment online, even if via a bookmarked page, represents you acknowledge that you have read and agree to all of the above terms.