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Security Deposit Review

Impact Property Management is committed to providing a fair settlement of the deposit funds based on the move in and move out conditions of the property you rented through us. 

Please use this form to communicate with us any questions or concerns which you have regarding the return of your security deposit. This will give you the opportunity to provide us with any additional information you may have which you would like us to take into consideration.

Once this form is submitted, the information will be provided to our Review Committee. All information regarding your account will be reviewed, including the move in and move out conditions of the home and any supporting documentation, which will allow the Committee to make an objective recommendation regarding your deposit.

After the review is complete, you will be informed via USPS first class mail of the findings of the review along with any explanations and if applicable, any adjustments to your account. Based on the findings of the Review Committee, the review may result in an additional refund, no changes, or additional charges being owed. The review findings will be mailed no later 14 days after all requested information is received.

This form, and any additional documentation, must be received no later than twenty one (21) days after the date your settlement statement was mailed. Any requests submitted or documentation received after 21 days will not be accepted for review.

If you would like to open the review process, please complete the following information. If you prefer to print out this form to complete it, please click here for a pdf version of this page.  Please remember that this form, along with any supporting documentation, must be received by Impact no later than 21 days after that mailing date of the settlement statement.

In the "Additional Information" box below, please state exactly what you are disputing in regards to your security deposit settlement statement.  Please let us know what item you are disputing, the amount of the charge, and why the item should not be considered security deposit damages.  (For example: Broken microwave handle, $150, Item was broken before we moved in).

If you have documentation to support your review request, such as pictures, emails, or any other documents, those may be e-mailed to with a subject line of “deposit review”, or mailed to:

Impact Property Management
Attn: Security Deposit Review Committee
9506 4th St. NE Suite #101
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Make sure to include your name and the property address that you vacated from along with any documentation that you submit to the Review Committee.

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